Lawyer says Blueface likely “overcharged” in Las Vegas shooting

The book seems to have been thrown too hard at rapper Blueface, says his Las Vegas lawyer.

Blueface, whose official name is Johnathan Porter, is charged with attempted murder and discharging a weapon at an occupied vehicle in connection with the Oct. 8 shooting outside a strip club in Las Vegas.

“On the face of it, the fees appear to be excessive,” said Porter’s attorney Lisa Rasmussen, who represents the rapper along with attorneys Kristina Wildeveld and Caitlyn McAmis.

Porter, 25, was arrested on Tuesday outside Lo-Lo’s Chicken and Waffles, near East Flamingo Road and Koval Lane, after the Metropolitan Police Department said surveillance video showed him shooting a man identified in the arrest report as Kentabius Traylor.

The shooting happened just after 4 a.m. on October 8 outside the Euphoric Gentlemen’s Club at 6370 Windy Lane.

According to the Cornell University Legal Information Institute, the term overburden in the context of criminal justice occurs when “a criminal prosecutor tries to prosecute a defendant for more serious crimes than the known facts support.”

Rasmussen declined to comment on why she believes Porter’s case is overloaded. She also declined to say anything about what her client thought about the allegations and instructed him not to speak to the media.

According to Metro, Traylor met Porter earlier in the night after recognizing the rapper at a club. But as Porter left Euphoric, Traylor apparently “noticed Blueface talking to several women in a cheap vehicle,” the arrest report said.

Traylor “made an audible joke”, the arrest report stated, and immediately afterwards was repeatedly punched by men he believed were part of Blueface’s entourage.

When Traylor tried to drive away, the bullets hit the pickup truck he was driving in. According to police, one bullet pierced his left arm.

Investigators reviewed surveillance footage from the strip club and stated in the report that Porter “is seen in surveillance footage firing what appears to be a pistol into the passenger compartment, hitting Taylor in the left hand, nearly losing his head, because Traylor bent down and rode. away.”

An alleged video of the shooting was posted on, but Rasmussen declined to comment. She said she has yet to receive a copy of the uncovered video, a legal term that refers to the exchange of evidence between the defense and prosecution in preparation for a possible trial.

Rasmussen, without going into details, said she believed the evidence would show a different story than the one alleged against her client.

“The other thing I would like to say is that we are really looking forward to hearing this case on behalf of our client and we believe that once all the evidence is presented in court it will be obvious that the way the prosecution is being prosecuted is not necessarily in line with what which seems to have actually happened,” Rasmussen said.

Porter appeared in court on Wednesday and was released on $50,000 bail, court records show. The next hearing in the Porter case has been set for January 24.

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