3 lessons we’ve come to about the Las Vegas Raiders

After a humiliating loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Las Vegas Raiders couldn’t get any lower, right? Well, they did. Jeff Saturday’s Indianapolis Colts defeated the Raiders by a score of 25-20. This is the Raiders season low point as they lost to an interim head coach whose only previous coaching experience was in high school soccer. Let us examine three lessons we can now draw from this embarrassing defeat.

Raiders HC Josh McDaniels is the worst coach in the NFL

Josh McDaniels is the worst head coach in the NFL, and I may not be exaggerating. McDaniels had some ugly defeats as he lost three 17-point leads, got cut off by a struggling New Orleans Saints team, and now lost to a bad Colts team. What a resume for Raiders leader McDaniels, who is now 13-24 years old as head coach. The second overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft belongs to the 2-7 Raiders. Only the rebuilding Houston Texans are worse than them. Given the Raiders’ high expectations and McDaniels’ coaching shortcomings, it’s not unreasonable to call him the worst head coach in the NFL.

The Carr ran out of fuel

The Raiders’ seventh loss of the season led to an emotional press conference by Derek Carr. You have to feel sorry for Carr because the Raiders haven’t helped him properly in all his time with the franchise, but Carr is also a contributing factor to the setbacks. Personally speaking, the ship has sailed and he is not the answer after nine seasons as starting quarterback. A winning percentage below 50 percent shows the need for a fresh start for both Carr and the Raiders.

Carr is a good guy, but his performance doesn’t support his “good guy” personality. It has lapses where it folds under pressure and locks up the ride. But then he will go into his pocket to avoid the pressure to play. With this kind of inconsistent play from a seasoned player, a new voice in the Raiders dressing room is needed.

There are only a few players who play for the jersey

Carr remarks in his tearful post-game press conference that he is dissatisfied with the way some players are training and playing. He is right in saying that not many Raider players wear this jersey while playing. These athletes include Davante Adams, Josh Jacobs and Maxx Crosby. These three always give their best, regardless of the outcome. They set an excellent example and are among the few players who give 100 percent in every play. The Raiders would probably have the first draft pick if it wasn’t for these three guys. The rest of the group must look at themselves and make changes to match what Jacobs, Crosby and Adams are doing.

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